The Sacred Medicine Wheel

Warrior Priestess's Medicine Wheel     

  • Each lodge asks us to look at life from a different vantage point.
  • It's not about what to think - but, how to think.
  • Find your age above and then scroll down and find the associated lodge. Note: you may be on the cusp between two lodges.

Children's Fire  (Ages 0-3, 27-30, 54-57, 81-84)
  • This is a place of rebirth and renewal.
  • A settling out period (after a rebirth).

Men's Lodge  (Ages 3-6, 30-33, 57-60, 84-87)
  • Also known as the Contrary Lodge.
  • The house of compulsive duality. The active principle in the world.
  • Here the mind asks questions.
  • Ask the question "why."

Peace Chief's Lodge  (Ages 6-9, 33-36, 60-63, 87-90)
  • Peace at any price.
  • Hold the paradox between compromise and selling out.

War Chief's Lodge  (Ages 9-12, 36-39, 63-66, 90-93)
  • Wage war/go to war in innocence.
  • You can retaliate for immediate issues.
  • You have the right to defend yourself.
  • But, its not about revenge.

Singers and Mediums  (Ages 12-15, 39-42, 66-69, 93-96)
  • Includes storytellers, healer, and dancers.
  • This is the point of prophecy.
  • You carry the oral traditions of the tribe.
  • You can access the past and tell the future.

Women's Lodge  (Ages 15-18, 42-45, 69-72, 96-99)
  • The house of silence. Silence with a cause.
  • A sense of knowing without data.
  • Here you develop the power of inner prayer/reflection.

Council Lodge  (Ages 18-21, 45-48, 72-75, 99-102)
  • Sit in council and listen to everyone/all positions.
  • Say "yes" to everything.
  • This is the house of politics.
  • Here a plan is made.

Hunters & Gathers  (Ages 21-24, 48-51, 75-78, 102-105)
  • Also known as the Labor Lodge.
  • Place of wisdom.
  • Through work you develop your spirit.
  • Work is worship.
  • Get done what you said "yes" to in Council Lodge.

Dog Soldiers  (Ages 24-27, 51-54, 78-81, 105-108)
  • The last voice in the tribe. Very tenacious.
  • You vow to protect the children, and the children's children.
  • Its a spiritual obligation you can't get out of.
  • You enforce laws for common sense.
  • You take the long view.

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More information about the Sacred Medicine Wheel (tapes and workshops) is available at Rev. Rosalyn Bruyere's website.

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