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Saturn's Fortifying
Your Backbone

Raising of the Djed
Raising of the Djed Pillar
Abydos, Egypt

In Egyptian symbology, the djed pillar represents the backbone of Osirus, King of the Underworld. It stands for strength and stability.

Saturn breaks down what's not working and builds new infrastructures. It moved through Leo (in western astrology) and is now transiting through Virgo. New foundations have been built wherever Leo is prominent in our chart. This is where we're being called to strengthen our backbone.

Where is Leo in your natal chart? Saturn started this project back in September 2005.

Can you feel the difference?


For more on the Djed pillar click here.

What's an Oracle?

From Wikipedia:

An oracle is a person or agency considered to be a source of wise counsel or prophetic opinion; an infallible authority, usually spiritual in nature. It can also be a prediction of the future, from the gods, that is spoken through another object or life-form. In the ancient world many sites gained a reputation for the dispensing of oracular wisdom: they too became known as "oracles", as did the oracular utterances themselves, whose very name is derived from the Latin verb orare, to speak.

Welcome to the Galactic Core

Galactic Core

The Center of our galaxy, the Milky Way

Courtesy of the 2MASS Project, 2001.

Where are you on the Sacred Medicine Wheel ?

Warrior Priestess's Medicine Wheel

For several millennia, the Sacred Medicine Wheel has been instrumental in maintaining the balance of power among the indigenous tribes of North America.  The "medicine" refers to "wisdom" and the "wheel" represents the cycles of lifeBy learning to "walk the wheel" - and view life from many different perspectives - the Medicine Wheel offers a practical approach to cultivating harmony and balance in one's life.

Beginning in the Children's Fire (ages 0-3), we move clockwise (starting with the Men's Lodge) into a new lodge every 3 years.  After gaining the perspective of the Dog Soldiers, we return to the Children's Fire and begin another cycle around the wheel.

Here's a chart that will help you determine where you are on the wheel and offers some insight into each viewpoint.

In the U.S., our arms manufacturers and the Pentagon occupy the same lodge - the War Chief's Lodge.   The decision to go to war shouldn't be made from the same mindset as that of the organizations manufacturing the weapons. Look where that's gotten us.

You can learn more about the Sacred MedicineWheel (tapes and workshops) at Rev. Rosalyn Bruyere's website

The Apocalypse is Now!

Lift that veil.

For many the word "apocalypse" conjures up images of death and destruction.  We're reminded of the the long-prophesied cataclysmic "end of times."

But, if we look deeper - the word takes on a different significance.   The word "apocalypse" is derived from the Greek word meaning

to uncover, to lay open what has been veiled or covered up.

The last book of the Bible - "Revelation"- was originally titled "Apokalupsis Iohnnou." "Apokalupsis" in its Greek raw root form means

to uncover what has been covered up.

We now have an opportunity to discover long-hidden truths.  "Its the end of the world as we know it."

The veils are being lifted. What a wondrous time to be alive.

The future is now.

Note: REM appeared at the Hollywood Bowl 9/10/03.  A Pisces full moon, conjunct Mars inspired the evening.  A great time was had by all.

Source for definitions: "Thayer's Greek English Lexicon of the New Testament." Hendrickson Publishers, 2002.

"I'm a Warrior Priestess?"

"You are indeed," came her response.

Caroline Casey went on to describe a "moon phase" system of symbology (28 moon phases and their associated archetypes) that was first described by W. B. Yeats in the early part of the 20th Century.   (W. B. Yeats, "A Vision," New York: MacMillan Co., 1969).

Having always been somewhat of a rabble-rouser, I smiled at the prospect.   Was I to play a larger part in supporting the global consciousness movement?  Was I being called to extract a larger significance from my personal experience?  And, could I seriously pursue this ideal in a world where most people could only relate to a woman warrior like Xena Princess Warrior?

And so began my exploration.  I'd like to share it with you.   Won't you join me.

Visit Carolyn Casey at visionaryactivism.com.

The Oracle Speaks

Warrior Priestess's Karma Kat, Willie

Mr. William reminds us to say "YES."



Baby Boomers Are
Becoming Our Tribal Elders

Warrior Priestess has her Natal Pluto in Leo

A tribal elder venerated for their experience, judgment, and wisdom.

The "Baby Boomer" generation can be described as those having Pluto in the sign of Leo in their birthcharts.

If you were born between 1937 and 1958 then you probably have Pluto in Leo.

(If you're unsure - visit Astro.com and input your birth date, time, & location.)

Those of us with Pluto-in-Leo prominent in our charts have a passionate need for self-knowledge and self-expression.  However, we can sometimes appear self-centered and even prideful in our approach to reality.

According to Donna Cunningham, Pluto's sign shows that generation's obsessions - where they take themselves too seriously - and where they can go off the deep end.

Are you obsessed with fame and glamour?

Does everyone have to be a "star"?

Steven Forrest points to the "bumper crop of dubious psychologists, gurus, psychics, and spiritual teachers" that make up this generation.  He suggests that if a spiritual teacher is eager to be recognized as one. . . then they probably aren't one.

Pluto-in-Leo, at its best, symbolizes an "unself-conscious, exuberant expression" of one's individuality.

Remember the societal transformations of the Sixties?  Try tapping into those vibrations.

What inspired you then? Bring that forward into the now. The world is finally ready for that vision.

Are you ready?

Donna Cunningham's, "Healing Pluto Problems," can be found online.   For her publishing website, click here.

Steven Forrest's "The Book of Pluto," can be found on his website.

The Age of Transition

Everything is speeding up. Are you feeling it?

It's like trying to swim ahead of a great wave that's about to break over you.

Ancient wisdom tells us that we're experiencing a shift in the zodiacal rhythm. We're caught up in the great confusion that occurs when one astrological age is coming to an end - and another begins.  We're moving through the end of the Piscean Age and into the Age of Aquarius.

Time is accelerating.  Rhythms are shifting. Our bodies feel the shift - but, our minds lack the necessary data to guide the way.  This lack of information and our reliance on our minds for solutions is the cause of much of our current suffering.

To successfully ride this wave of change,we're being called to adapt. But how?  

I suggest doing whatever can move you beyond the cerebral. Look within yourself.  Connect with your higher consciousness.  Find your inner truth.

Source: "Journey Into the Light," Isha Schwaller de Lubicz, Inner Traditions International, Rochester, VT, 1960.

Daybreak through the
Kiosk of Trajan

Kiosk of Trajan Through the Warrior Priestess's Lens
Island of Philae, Upper Egypt

Still waiting for the Age of Aquarius?

Didn't it dawn in the Sixties?  Bringing with it a world of peace and understanding?  Instead we seem to be mired in everything we were trying to escape.

Before losing hope, let's consult our great cosmic clock.  It takes approximately 26,000 years for the vernal equinox to move through all 12 constellations.   By dividing 26,000 years by the number of constellations (12) - we can conclude that it takes 2,160 years to traverse one sign of the zodiac.  Add to this the fact that constellations lack clear boundaries - and we're left with a bit of ambiguity.

Many astrologers are therefore using 2100-2150 A.D. as the timeframe for our move into the Age of Aquarius.   So, we've got a little time for some conscious evolution.   If we're up to it.

The Piscean Age, with its symbol of twin fish swimming in opposite directions, represents our dualistic approach to reality.  We've been learning a lot about the polarities of good/evil, right/wrong, god/human, male/female, science/religion, etc.

However, many of our mystical traditions have long understood that this notion of duality is a construct of the mind - and not the true nature of reality.  It fosters a shepard and his flock mentality (which is actually a holdover from the Age of Aries) - reinforcing a blind, unquestioning faith - and a dependence on spiritual and political leaders.

The symbol for Aquarius is the Water Bearer - pouring water (divine wisdom) down to the masses.  It includes an understanding that each end of the polarity (good/evil, etc.) is actually a complementary pole on a larger continuum.

One pole cannot be denied at the expense of the other.  The human and divine polarities are within us all.  God is part of us.  We can no longer look to our religious leaders, politicians, or even our physicians for our truth - we must look within.

But, are we ready for that responsibility?

Source: "Precession and the Zodiac," article available on Astro.com.   Notions on dual nature of mind taken from teachings of Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche, Ligmincha.org.

Shifting Our View of Mars

The Spiritual Warrior

Mars symbolizes how we focus our energy out into the world - our personal drive and ambition.  In the past, we wasted a lot of our Mars energy on warfare and other conflicts.

Now, thanks to the exploration by the Mars' Rovers - we're getting the "Spirit" and the "Opportunity" to become much more conscious of Mars - the planet and its symbolism.   This new consciousness is asking that we use our warrior energy in service of the collective. 

But, how can we begin to use our Mars energy in more beneficial ways?  Start by setting your intention to do so - and then follow the promptings of your heart.

Inspired by:

Maya del Mar's article on "New Year, 2004: Mars As Spiritual Warrior" and JPL's Mars Rover website.



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