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 Dances with Hormones 

Have your hormones come between

you and your MD?

The Secret Behind The Pill
A must read if you've ever been on the Pill - or you're even thinking about it.

Where are you on the Sacred Medicine Wheel ?

Warrior Priestess's Medicine Wheel

For several millennia, the Sacred Medicine Wheel has been instrumental in maintaining the balance of power among the indigenous tribes of North America.  The "medicine" refers to "wisdom" and the "wheel" represents the cycles of lifeBy learning to "walk the wheel" - and view life from many different perspectives - the Medicine Wheel offers a practical approach to cultivating harmony and balance in one's life.

Beginning in the Children's Fire (ages 0-3), we move clockwise (starting with the Men's Lodge) into a new lodge every 3 years.  After gaining the perspective of the Dog Soldiers, we return to the Children's Fire and begin another cycle around the wheel.

Here's a chart that will help you determine where you are on the wheel and offers some insight into each viewpoint.

In the U.S., our arms manufacturers and the Pentagon occupy the same lodge - the War Chief's Lodge.   The decision to go to war shouldn't be made from the same mindset as that of the organizations manufacturing the weapons.   Look where that's gotten us.

You can learn more about the Sacred MedicineWheel (tapes and workshops) at Rev. Rosalyn Bruyere's website.

A Historical Perspective

Whenever I hear references made to Greece being the cradle of our civilization - or when someone mentions the European Renaissance ushering in our modern era - I'm reminded of another part of our history. A part that's almost never mentioned - that's kept hidden in our collective shadow.

There was a time long ago when feminine wisdom was supported - and, the Goddess was revered.  Her wisdom was taught to men and women in the mystery school traditions throughout the ancient world.  And these matriarchal cultures flourished for countless millennia.  (Matriarchally-based cultures worshipped the Mother Goddess as the supreme deity.  Both men and women ruled during these times.) 

Beginning around 1200 B.C. (and continuing to about 800 B.C.) Greece was overrun by barbarian warriors who brought with them their new patriarchal vision.  And so began the suppression and co-optation of the goddess religions in Greece.

The assault on the feminine continued through Roman times and during the early Christian era.  And, then we had 500+ years of gynocide during the Inquisition (beginning in the 12th Century) and the witchcraft persecutions.  Millions of women were put to death - and this was sanctioned by the Church.

This is the actual backdrop to our march toward civilization.  Many were left behind.  Its part of our collective past experience - and yes, its mostly held in our shadows.  No wonder women and men are so reticent about re-discovering the feminine.

Source: "The Crone: Woman of Age, Wisdom, and Power," Barbara Walker, HarperSanFrancisco, 1985. 

Tibetan Sound Healing

The Bön Buddhist tradition of Tibet is one of the world's oldest unbroken spiritual traditions.

Now you can connect to the ancient sacred sounds of the Bön practice - and through them activate the healing potential of your mind.

By invoking the 5 Warrior "Seed" Syllables you connect with your mind's essential nature - unleashing greater creativity and clearing obstacles to your body, energy, and emotions.

      A   OM   HUNG   RAM   DZA

Click below for Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche's introduction to this practice.

Part 1: Introduction  

* We Carry the Bridge to the Future

Women hold the vision of our collective future. But, before we can make that vision real, we each need to begin taking steps to clean up our act.

* Can't We All Just Get Along ?

Some thoughts on women's inhumanity to other women. How is your relationship with your negative Mother?

* The Real Glass Ceiling

Exploring the barriers to a woman's direct connection with spirit (aka God).

UCLA Study On
Friendship Among Women

Crone Be Gone

Let's find a better word. . .for who we are becoming.

Whenever the word “crone” is used to describe an elder woman, I get an uneasy feeling.  No matter how many well-meaning writers have attempted to weave a more positive connotation - my gut still protests.

The word “crone” comes to us from the Middle Ages - from the Old North French word “carogne” that was used between 900 and 1400 AD.  It was a term of abuse for a cantankerous or withered woman.  And, for many of us, it still carries that vibration.

Our language reflects our perceptions.  The word “crone” is archetypal (its energy pattern is derived from our past collective experience and it's present in our individual unconscious).  Even though we attempt to give it a modern day spin, we may still be under its spell.  I can almost hear it whispering that a woman with power is something to be feared and marginalized.

At first, I thought "wise woman" might be an acceptable alternative.  But, even that doesn't convey the potency of who I am becoming.

I'll keep searching with an open mind.

Source:  The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition Copyright© 2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company.

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