November 2007
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Welcome to Warrior Priestess

Years of researching mystical traditions and a myriad of transformational approaches - combined with a solid business background - have given me a unique perspective on how to experience a more meaningful life.

This site is my crucible - offering context, direction, and grounded commentary during these times of transition.

Please join me on this journey.

Today's Warrior Priestess

Ram Dass uses "fierce grace" to describe someone who combines divine grace with the passion to embody it.

From this vantage point, I'll offer my definition of what it means to be a Warrior and a Priestess.

A Warrior

is someone who is ready and willing to do battle with intelligence and truth.

A Priestess

is a leader who embodies the qualities of integrity, truth, honor, wisdom, and higher consciousness.

Together that's a powerful proposition.  A Warrior Priestess strives to use "fierce grace" in her battle for truth and higher consciousness.

Does she have all the answers?  Of course not.  But, she stays open to the divine inspiration that will move her to act - when the time is right.

Company Information

Warrior Priestess was established in 2002 to develop content across all media (print, television, film, broadband, and beyond).

Warrior Priestess's Mission

To be a conduit for information and ideas that empower everyone to get conscious, stay conscious - and, ultimately be part of the global awakening.

Overwhelmed with content?

Warrior Priestess offers a unique context.

All of us see the world "through a glass darkly."  Have you noticed that our mainstream media seems to be looking through some pretty dark glasses?

They're propping up outmoded beliefs, attitudes, and institutions - reinforcing the notion that we must continue to live in fear. "This is the way the world is - and, you're powerless to change things."  All they see is darkness.

The Warrior Priestess knows there's an ever-increasing amount of light in the world.  She embraces this light - she's in the lighting business.  She knows its a long and continuing struggle to wake up, stay awake - and do battle with the forces of darkness.

Won't you join her in this battle.

Hathor Through the Lens of the Warrior Priestess

Hathor: Goddess of Love, Beauty, & Music


Over 50 million adults in the U.S. characterize themselves as Cultural Creatives.  And, there are more than 63 million (30% of adults) LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health & Sustainability) consumers.  Together these individuals embrace a wholistic worldview that not only includes the interconnectedness of global economies, cultures, environments, and political systems - but also, the mind, body, and spirit connection.  Spirituality and personal development can "no longer be relegated to the New Age periphery." 

We're going mainstream, baby!

Source:  For  more info. on the LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health & Sustainability) Marketplace visit LOHAS Journal Online.


Warrior Priestess Next to the Sphinx
Warrior Priestess
Next to the Sphinx, Cairo, Egypt

Patrice Hall is a businesswoman who has spent over 25 years in the consciousness movement.   Becoming a Warrior Priestess is part of her ongoing journey.  Here are some highlights.

Warrior Training

  • BS Economics/University of Pennsylvania/Wharton School
  • MBA/University of Puget Sound
  • First Lieutenant/US Army
  • Early-stage media and interactive expertise - including online community development.
  • Extensive executive sales & business development experience in the technology, new media & entertainment, and healthcare marketplace. (Oracle, Disney, Abbott Labs, etc.)

Priestess Training

  • 14 years of Tibetan Bon Buddhist practice
  • Ordained Minister
  • Studied at The Healing Light Center, Glendale, CA.  Courses included:
    • Native American Medicine
    • Egyptian Mysteries
    • Tibetan Healing Techniques
    • The Kabbalah/Tree of Life
    • The Chakra System
    • Energy Healing
    • Shamanism
    • Mediumship
  • Trained in the arts since childhood - as a writer, singer, dancer, and musician.

Warrior Priestess's Drawing of Ma'at

The Goddess Ma'at is the symbol of Truth and Justice.  Her symbol is the feather.  Her essence is the cosmic order and natural laws that make up our reality.

After death, your heart is weighed on the scales against her feather.  If your heart is lighter than the feather, you can move on.  If not, its back to earth for another incarnation.

During your life, you can make your heart lighter by unburdening yourself of ignorance, hatred, and attachment.

The winds are shifting. . . can you feel it?

The forces of change are calling for us to cultivate a more expansive worldview.  No small task considering the state of our present reality.  The Warrior Priestess is up to the challenge.  You're invited on her quest.

We're living through an age of transition.  For too long there's been an imbalance between masculine and feminine life forces.  The feminine can no longer be held in exile. Balance wants to be restored.

The feminine archetypes are reanimating - within us all.  The Goddess is back (although she never really left) to guide us in creating a new global consciousness.

We can't go back to our matriarchal past.  Nor can we continue living with our limited - "so last millennium"- patriarchal worldview. Its time to embrace a new way of being - a new, integrated approach to being human.



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